The Game Changing Hollywood Product That You Need

Roll up, roll up! There’s a new Hollywood icon in town and they’re making waves in the industry. What is it, tell us more I hear you say. Well, it’s the Hollywood Browzer – a product that allows you to shape your eyebrows, remove hair from them unwanted places and whilst doing this, exfoliates the skin underneath.

The Hollywood Browzer was created with body positivity in mind. There’s a lot of women and men out there, who have eyebrows they need to tame, hairlines they want to straighten and facial fuzz that they want gone – this is nothing to be quiet about.

It’s even one of the best kept secrets (well, was) for celebrities and makeup artists in the industry. A smooth face also means that your makeup goes on a hell of a lot better than before.

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I’m a very open book. I’ll happily talk about the fact I shave my face – something I’ve done for a few months now. Not only that, I also shave my arms, fingers and toes – I like to be baby smooth everywhere! I want people to know that having body hair’s nothing to be ashamed of, everyone has it and if there’s certain places you don’t want it to be – well that’s where this amazing product comes in.

I’m lucky enough to have been sent across the Hollywood Browzer in Red Carpet Red, which may I add would make a great festive stocking filler if you’re thinking about what bits and bobs to get your beauty obsessed friends.

This quirky little blade not only allows you to shape your eyebrows and get rid of that unwanted facial fuzz, it’s also a form of dermaplaning and exfoliation. If you’ve not heard of dermaplaning before, this is a huge thing in the beauty industry at the moment. It’s essentially where the top layers of your skin are ‘shaved’ off to reveal the smooth, baby fresh skin underneath. By getting rid of the ‘old’ and dirty layers, this also helps to keep the skin blemish free and has been known to prevent acne.

When put to work, the Hollywood Browzer is not only getting rid of hair you don’t want but also removing the top layer of skin and promoting the benefits of dermaplaning. It’s also worth noting that when ‘shaving’ your facial fuzz, eyebrows or hairline, this doesn’t mean that the hair’s going to come back darker and thicker. This is a myth that’s always annoyed me as the hair’s always going to grow from the same follicle that lives under the skin. Unless something such as hormones effects that follicle, then your hair’s going to come back exactly the same way.

Now, I’ve tried other facial blades myself and must admit, this is the first one I’ve had that’s really sturdy and will truly last the test of time. This is due to it being made with German stainless steel, with quality safety guard. The blade itself also cannot be released from the casing and this means when it’s in a wet habitat such as your bathroom, it doesn’t corrode.

Another thing that put the Hollywood Browzer above the rest is that it’s completely suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive skin. When used at the 45 degree angle, it doesn’t drag the skin and glides over to ensure no irritation is caused.

As with any blade though, it is advised that it will need to be replaced every 2 – 3 months. This is to keep both hygiene and the quality of the product in tip top condition.

Best of all, this product is less than a tenner. Yes, you heard me correctly, it’s only £7.95 for one and there’s so many colours to choose from. You can see all of them, along with the duo packs here: Shop the Hollywood Browzer

When ordering a Hollywood Browzer, you don’t just get the blade itself but also a protective pouch, to keep it safe when it’s not being used. This pouch would also be great for travelling with and would definitely come in handy when you’re going away. It’s already on my honeymoon packing list!

As I mentioned before, I use face blades regularly to get rid of the peach fuzz none of us want, as well as tame my eyebrows and get rid of my arm hair.

Now as it’s really difficult to capture the super fine hair that’s on my face, I thought I’d show you a before and after of my eyebrows and my arms. So let’s start with the brows..

This nifty little blade firstly allows you to get all those tiny fine hairs from around your eyebrows, including the little monobrow that likes to live between them. The way the Hollywood Browzer is shaped, it allows you to really target where you’d like to get the hairs, without getting rid of way more than anticipated.

To see the true potential of the Hollywood Browzer, I also did something I wouldn’t usually do and that was to use this product on my brow bone, to get rid of unwanted hairs from underneath the brow – that usually, I’d tweeze. Oh my god, it’s absolutely perfect for this. I used the very tip of the razor at a 45 degree angle and gently stroked over the hairs to get them gone. The best thing about doing this rather than using a tweezer is that there’s absolutely no pain involved. Not only that, but the whole process of taming my brows took less than 5 minutes and that means, I’ll be inclined to do it more often now – especially as it involved no watering eyes.

In terms of my arms, I think shaving them is a bit of a marmite situation. Now personally, no I don’t have dark hairs but this doesn’t mean that I want the fine hairs to stick around. I just find by getting them gone, it means my fake tan goes on better, when moisturising it goes straight into my skin and leaves me super duper soft and finally, I prefer the look on me – especially as I tend to get goosebumps so often.

It’s so easy and quick to get rid of these hairs, even when using your non-dominant hand! Providing you hold the Hollywood Browzer at the key 45 degree angle and gently stroke away from the direction of the hairs, they come straight off in one pass.

What I really enjoy most about this product is the ease of it. It’s suitable for those with all skin types including sensitive, it can be used in a multiple of ways and it’s such a quick and pain-free way of getting rid of pesky hairs. I can’t believe I haven’t been using this product all along!

I’m so happy that I’ve now discovered the amazing Hollywood Browzer, as it’s opened my eyes to not only a face blade that works ten times better than those I’ve tried before, but it’s also a brand new way I can tame even the tiniest parts of my brows without eye-watering tweezers.

I also love the way my makeup goes on after de-fuzzing my face. It’s literally like a primer you can’t buy from the shops. There’s no clinging of product to your upper lip or around your brows and when applying powder, I can’t even begin to tell you how much more airbrushed and smooth it looks.

I really think that this is one of those products that people wouldn’t really think about getting but once they try it, they’ll never look back and I definitely think it’d be a great one to pop into someone’s stocking this Christmas.

If you want to find out more about see more about this show stopping product, be sure to check out the Hollywood Browzer website here: Hollywood Browzer

Love, always.



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This post has been sponsored by Hollywood Browzer – please note, all opinions are my own.

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