It All Starts With A Black Piece of Clothing..

I feel like having staple black items of clothing is the basis of not just every wardrobe, but also every outfit. In this post there’s three very different outfits from casual and cute, super cosy and smart casual. The basis of them all is one key staple of black clothing – dungarees, jeans and a printed shirt. 

I love the look of all of these outfits and by just changing the pieces put with the staples, a brand new outfit could be created and for me, that’s the basis of a great wardrobe. I’d love to know what your staple wardrobe items are, so be sure to let me know in the comments below.

As always with my fashion posts, these will always be posted on 21 buttons, to make finding the products ever easier. It’s also where you’ll first find my outfits when they’re posted. My username is: beccapeacock. If you follow me, be sure to leave your username down below and I’ll give you a follow back!

Phone case: £1.29, eBay//T-shirt: £18, Nasty Gal//Cord pinafore: £36, Topshop//Fitbit Ionic: From £129, Fitbit//Tights: £2.50, Primark//Chunky Glitter Boots: £74.99, Attitude Clothing//Lipstick – MAC Liquid Lipstick in Bengal Tiger: £18, John Lewis

Knitted Cape: £40, Klass//Phone case: £1.29, eBay//Jeans: £25, ASOS//Shoes: £35, ASOS

Shirt: £9, New Look//Horoscope necklace: £2, Primark//Jeans: £32, ASOS//Belt: £12, ASOS//Phone case: £4.45, eBay//Shoes: £35, ASOS

Love, always.



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