A Weird and Wonderful Mascara

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know I’m always looking for the perfect mascara (I mean, aren’t we all?). I’ve found a good handful which do everything I’m looking for but there’s always something in the back of my mind that’s saying ‘there’s a better one out there, just keep looking’. So, that’s what I do.

Whilst in Superdrug recently and needing to purchase a new mascara, something we should all do at least every three months, I came across this one from Maybelline, called The Falsies Push Up Angel (£7.99, Superdrug). I’ve never seen it before but I have used the original The Falsies mascara, which I rather enjoyed, so thought why not give it a go.

As I always do with mascara, I bought the waterproof version. This is because I always find that waterproof mascara doesn’t smudge, along with making sure your eyelashes are kept in place and upright.

On the first day of using this mascara, I was completely in shock. As I usually buy mascara’s on a whim and just pick one up and hope for the best, I hadn’t done much research into what the mascara’s meant to do or what the wand looks like. By the name, I assumed it would be super lengthening – after all, that’s what you’ve expect a push up mascara to do right? I digress. So I took the wand out and to my surprise it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

As you’ll see from the pictures, it’s a tiny plastic wand with super short ‘bristles’. I honestly thought I may have bought bottom lash mascara and quickly double checked on google – good old google hey! Well, although I was taken aback, I wasn’t going to let it stop me from giving my true opinion and giving it a go.

Wowzas! This nifty little wand did everything and more than a normal wand would. Thanks to the tiny plastic bristles, you can really get into the root of the lash, meaning that every millimeter of your lashes is coated in the super black mascara. Not only that, when coating the lashes from the tip upwards, the plastic brush (as in the part where the bristles are coming from) pushes your lashes up and keeps them there.

Throughout the day, I don’t find that the mascara flakes off or even causes my lashes to droop. If anything, it’s probably the one part of my makeup that stays looking the same all day, even up to the point of me taking it off before bed.

Now, any one of you who wears waterproof mascara knows that the part of it we dread the most is taking it off. Some of them really don’t want to come off the lashes, making it difficult to remove as no one wants to rub at their eyes!

This isn’t the easiest to take off, I’ll be completely honest, most mornings I wake up with black under my eyes from the remnants I wasn’t able to remove. That doesn’t bother me so much though, as I do find at night time, I can get the majority of it off using my usual cleansing routine.

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with this mascara. I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and although it’s dried down a bit (to be expected), it’s still performing really well at keeping my lashes black, defined, lengthened and looking fabulous throughout the day.

If you’re in the market for trying something a little different to your usual mascara, I’d definitely say give this one a go – I’m even thinking of buying the same one again when this ones at it’s sell by date and that’s saying something for me!

If you’ve got any great waterproof mascara recommendations, or even any weird mascara brush recommendations, I’d love to know so please pop them in the comments below.

Love, always.



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22 thoughts on “A Weird and Wonderful Mascara

      1. Really good, didnt flake off or smudge all day! Also very easy to take off with micellar water


  1. I love mascara too, especially waterproof as I can’t bear for my ginger lashes to make a midday appearance. I like organic brands and my favourite waterproofs are by Pacifica and by Ere Perez. I buy online. Check them out if you have time x. Don’t know any with a cool brush like that though 🙂


    1. A ginger lash midday appearance 😂
      I’ve never tried any of those brands but I’d definitely be up for giving them a try. Which one would you recommend the most? X


  2. Ohh interesting! I’ve seen this several times in Boots but never picked it up. Totally doing that now! 🙂 Thanks for a great review


  3. Wow!!!!! I was anxious to find out if it worked well. I have always questioned why doesn’t anyone design a brush that reaches every eyelash . Love it!!


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