There’s a New Tweezer In Town

Okay, so this isn’t a new tweezer on the scene but it’s a new set of tweezers to me. Why do we even call them a set of tweezers when there’s only one thing, it’s like saying a pair of underwear, I just don’t get it. Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent for no reason – let’s talk tweezers.

If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Tweezerman tweezers. There’s literally nothing that I could compare to them, until now.

Welcome, the Rubis (£21.50, Rubis Tweezers).

These universal tweezers are made to be used for any task you can think of needing a tweezer for. They’re made of high-quality surgical steel which is great, as it means they can be disinfected without a problem between the jobs you want them to do.

They’re a big hit with some famous makeup artists such as Bobbi Brown and Soul Lee. If this isn’t already selling them to you, please carry on reading.

The tweezers I have are in this gorgeous baby blue colour, almost like a tiffany blue and usually, I prefer a ‘mini’ tweezer. This is as I find them easier to work with, but my god, these Rubis tweezers are an absolute dream to work with.
All you need to do is put the right amount of pressure on them and the closure of the tip is complete. I’ve found them an absolute stunner for getting those pesky fine hairs that like to grow on your brow bone. They may be hardly noticeable to the eye, but it’s amazing that these tweezers can grab a few of them and pull them out without even needing to put too much effort in.

A major pro is that the process of using them doesn’t hurt me. I just assumed that tweezing eyebrow/facial hairs was always something that involved a bit of pain. Since using these tweezers I can honestly say that it’s been completely pain free. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why this is but I’m really impressed and blown away by this.

The tweezers themselves come with a great little zip lock bag, perfect for keeping them safe. Alongside this, they have a little plastic cover, to make sure the tweezers are kept safe and closed. This means they won’t become slack throughout the years and trust me, these are going to last you years thanks to the material they’re made with.

I’ve been so impressed with these Rubis tweezers that I’ve actually started using them as my number one tweezer of choice. My other (Tweezerman) tweezers have now been demoted to the false lash applicators and travelling ones – as I don’t want to risk using the Rubis ones.

I’d love to know if you’ve got any of the other style of Rubis tweezers and what you use them for. If you look on the website there’s so many to choose from and honestly, I wouldn’t know where to start of which other ones I may need in my life.

Love, always.



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