A Week of Excitement

What an exciting week it’s been, although I must admit it’s been very stressful.

So, where to start? This time last week, I got my hair did. I decided to go a bit blonder, in preparation for the wedding. When I first met my fiance, my hair was super platinum blonde and although I don’t want to be quite that blonde – I do want to be blonder for old times sake.

What we did was a full head of babylights to lighten up my roots further, as well as keeping them soft enough so that when it grows out, it still looks natural like my balayage before.

I also got a little trim, to keep my hair nice and healthy. As I want to keep as much length as possible for the wedding, we only took off the ends and added some shape around my face. Why is it that your ‘bangs’ grow out way more than the rest of your hair?

Anyways, my hair hasn’t been this long and healthy in a very long time and I intend to keep this way. Be prepared for lots of hair care routine posts and things I swear by. Well if you’re interested in that?

On Saturday, I went to a birthday party – which was a great excuse to pack the glam on. Here’s a little preview and don’t you worry, the full makeup tutorial is coming on Sunday!

Another exciting thing that happened this week is that we booked our honeymoon! It’s going to be so spectacular and we were lucky enough to get the same travel agent who booked our Thailand trip, which was hands down the best holiday of my life – so far. When booking this, it’s completely made me start to rethink my finances, after all it’s going to be the holiday of a lifetime and that’s where I’d prefer my money to go rather than a new makeup palette or dress every month.

Don’t fear, this doesn’t mean that there’s going to be less content on the blog. I’m always thinking of new makeup look to create with products I have, I can create lots of outfits with the clothes I have ready to go in my wardrobe and these little life updates will also keep you updated about what’s going on with me.

I’d love to know if any of you have got any holidays planned so far this year! Also, guesses below for where you think I’m going on my honeymoon. It’s a multicentre trip, so technically, there’s two chances to guess correctly.

I hope you have a lovely week and I’ll be sure to catch up with you soon!

Love, always.


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7 thoughts on “A Week of Excitement

  1. Your hair looks beautiful! May I make a recommendation on shampoos and conditioner? I use JOYCE MIRACLE ELIXER found on amazon and let me tell you, this is the best shampooo/conditioner I have ever tried. And as a beauty blogger, that says a lot, no? It truly is amazing.


  2. That makeup look is so pretty I can’t wait for the tutorial. And haircare yes please 🙋🏻‍♀️ My husband and I got our honeymoon as a wedding present from my sister and brother in law and we didn’t know where we were going until our wedding day and had to be at the airport for 5am the day after. It was the best trip we’ve ever had. Can’t wait to find out where you guys are going.
    Anna xx


    1. Thanks so much! The makeup tutorials coming tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll love it.
      That’s amazing that you got a honeymoon as your wedding present, where did you go to?

      I’m bursting with excitement over mine, I’ll definitely do a blog all about it x


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