Funky Jumper Week

When it’s cold outside, we all like to get cosy in our jumpers. Be them knitted, plain, patterned or fancy – there’s no excuse for them not being funky. This week I’ve got you covered.

From wolf faces, to super cute hearts and the ultimate super sequin jumper (an all time fave). I’m really sorry that some of these items aren’t available anymore but as I’m saving for my wedding and honeymoon this year, there’s going to be some scrimping. I’m really enjoying doing these fashion posts though and you guys seem to enjoy them, so imma keep them coming.

If you want to stay up to date with my latest outfits and maybe get some inspiration, please come and follow me on 21 buttons. My username is beccapeacock and if you follow me and let me know your username below, I’ll be sure to follow you back. Side note: I’m so READY for Summer – are you?!

Phone case: £28, Hanogram//Sequin jumper: £25, Warehouse//Denim skirt: £25, ASOS//Belt: £12, ASOS//Tights: £2.50, Primark//1460 Doc Martens in White Smooth: £130, Doc Martens

Heart jumper: Topshop, no longer available (sorry)//Phone case: £28, Hanogram//Grey Joni jeans:£36, Topshop//Glitter boots: £65, Pieces

Wolf jumper: £24, Etsy//Phone case: £28, Hanogram//Grey Joni jeans:£36, Topshop//Grey boots: £36, Topshop

Love, always.



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8 thoughts on “Funky Jumper Week

    1. I’ve had the wolf jumper for about 10 years and I just love it SO much! The Etsy one is the closest I could find. I might have to stock up 😂 x


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