Me Time Manicure

It’s been such a super busy week and I realised that I haven’t really taken any ‘me’ time. Which may I say, is important to have in whatever form. I wanted to take some time to pamper myself and decided that as I haven’t had my nails painted all year, it was probably time to do a manicure.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to do something super cute yet not seasonal. No pinks or super heart themed nails. What I decided to go for was a nude mauve nail (one of my favourite kind of nude nails) and I used a normal mermaid teal nail varnish to create some cute accents on the nails.

My favourite nail tool to use for creating designs is a dotting tool, something which is really easy and cheap to find on eBay.

I used the dotter (believe it or not) to create the three dots on the centre nail. Then putting it on the side, I created two diagonal lines which in turn, created a super cute heart. I placed it at the base of the nail, just to mix it up a little.

I decided to leave the pinky nail free, as mine are so small that it’s hard to create anything on them, also I didn’t want too much going on. Finally, using the same dotting tool and putting it on the side, I created a semi-thick line down the centre, before finishing with a glossy top coat.

I really love the contrast of these two shades together and I even used the pearly teal shade all over my toe nails. It’s perfect for both the winter and summer months – if anything, it’s made me want to take more ‘me’ time and tan my whole body. I’m just so ready for summer now, are you?

Nail polishes and tools used;
SensatioNAIL Mauve Maven Gel Polish (£12.50, SensatioNAIL)
Next Anaconda Nail Colour (£4, Next)
Clear Top Coat (£9.49, GDi)
SensatioNAIL LED Nail Lamp (£30, SensatioNAIL)
Dotting Nail Tools (£2.99, eBay)

Love, always.



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