Sassy, Simple & Cute

For this week’s fashion post, there’s a few different outfit occasions – hence the title. You’ve got my sassy party look (which I actually ended up putting tights on with cause it was WAY too cold out) and a couple of casual day looks – although they both put out different styles.

I also finally show you my new glasses, which I’ve actually had since around November time. Surprisingly to many of you, I wear my glasses pretty much all day everyday. I’m long-sighted, so need to wear them for work and driving, cinemas etc, but I actually find that the more I wear them the less headaches and in turn migraine that I get – which is always a winner.

Whenever I’m looking for new glasses, I always check out because I personally think they have some of the most unique frames that will suit anyone’s fashion style.

Anyway, enough about my glasses! I hope you like these outfits and as always, to see them first please make sure to be following me on 21 Buttons, my username is beccapeacock.

Phone case: £28, Hanogram//Off the shoulder top: £12, Boohoo//Fitbit Ionic: £279, Fitbit//Faux leather skirt: £32, Topshop//Boots: £36, Topshop

Grey dress – out of stock, similar: £22, Missguided//Phone case: £1.99, eBay//Tights: £2.50, Primark//Glitter boots: £65, Pieces

Yellow jumper: £22, ASOS//Cord pinafore: £29, Topshop//Tights: £2.50, Primark//Phone case: £1.99, eBay//Dior Essence 12 Crystal glasses: £180, Fashion Eyewear//White Doc Martens 1460 Smooth: £130, Dr Martens

Love, always.



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