Life Update: Wedding Edition

Wow, this past month or two, even three has been an absolute stress. This year, as many of you may or may not know, I’m getting married. To save costs, I decided to make anything I could for the wedding and in turn, it’s caused me to lose a lot of the free time I’d have for the blog.

What I’ve done is hand draw all of my invitations using Procreate. Getting invitations made by someone else is usually around £1.50 per invite and we needed around 150, that would have meant I’d be spending £225 just on invitations. By printing them off myself, using Instant Print, I got all my day time and evening invitations printed for just £78.99 – including shipping. If you’re a create person or a whizz at any editing software, I’d definitely recommend this. Although it took me around 20 hours all in all to draw them up, it’s better to have saved money that we’re now able to put somewhere else.

I mentioned in a post previously, I’m also in the process of making paper flower bouquets for myself and my three bridesmaids. This is something that’s been on hold whilst the invitations were being done, but it’s not become a priority. This is because once I’ve got all my RSVP’s back, I need to start working on a table plan plaque, along with the centrepiece table ‘numbers’. I say numbers because they’re actually going to be something else.

I’d love to share as much as I’m able to about my wedding on the blog, but as I’m sure you’ll understand, much of it’s going to be kept secret until the big day.

Something we did recently do was go to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter to get our wedding bands. It’s honestly a place I couldn’t recommend enough if you’re able to get there and want to get a handmade band at a fraction of the price of the big companies. We spent around 4 hours there, going into several different shops to see what we fancied, along with pricing up what was available.

Although many of the shops are independent little shops that you have to buzz the door to be let in, there’s also a few shops that a little more commercial. The commercial ones have a lot of workers and honestly, they helped me and my husband to be figure out exactly what we wanted.

I was adamant I wanted a band that would fit around my engagement ring and due to the square-ish shape of it, it was something many other shops told me would have to be made. Although I was quoted just £230 for a plain band by one of the smaller shops. In the more commercial shop, the lady said I should look at regular staright across bands, as it would show I was wearing two rings.

As soon as I started trying on straight bands with my engagement ring, I was sold. After she’s helped us settle on the kind of jewellery we wanted, we took a quote and ended up looking around again. And I’m glad we did! We managed to get exactly the same rings, mine 18ct White Gold and my husband to be’s Platinum ring for about £400 less than we’d been quoted in the commercial shop. My advice here is to shop around!

I’m gonna stop blabbering on now but just wanted you to know that I’m not forgetting about you all, I’ve just got a lot going on in my life that means I may not be able to post as regularly as I want to. Of course, I’m going to try and get up a post at least once a week, but don’t want any of you feeling disappointed if I don’t.

After the wedding and honeymoon, I’ll be sure to resume and I’m also working on some non-beauty related projects that I hope you’ll all join me on.

I’d love to know if any of you brides-to-be or wifeys are able to give me advice to help me keep calm and organised for the big day! It’s such an exciting, yet stressful time.

Love, always.



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12 thoughts on “Life Update: Wedding Edition

  1. Love reading these little updates! Would be so interesting to see a post on all the details you created for your wedding day after the event!! Hope it all goes amazingly for you x


  2. My husband at the time fiancé was actually a very BIG help with a lot of the planning and different ideas for certain aspects of the wedding. Also the hand made things really does save you money, its what I did!! Congratulations and you will be just fine, just breath. ☺


    1. Thanks so much for the advice. I’d love my husband to be to help me out but he doesn’t quite have the creative flare I do! X


  3. Congrats! We did a small wedding to save money and it was perfect for us! I will say, no matter how much you plan or schedule, things will go off pace/change and be prepared for that! My mentality was just to have fun, so I didn’t let all the craziness bug or ruin the day! Just have fun!!


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