A Vegan Guide to the Manchester Christmas Markets

Christmas markets have quickly become a tradition for families, friendship groups and just those who want to get little stocking fillers gifts this time of year. Whether you’re going for drink, food or a shop it’s always nice to know what options are available. Especially if you’re a vegan. So, I decided to make a friendly little guide for all you fellow vegans out there.

I’ve broken it down into different food/drink sections, along with where to find the stalls in the markets. Enjoy!

Savoury Snacks

Pretzels: I bloody love pretzels and you’ll be happy to know that both the plain and salted ones from the pretzel store in Albert square are vegan. I had one of each (I’m not greedy, I’ve just been twice) and they didn’t disappoint.

Loaded fries: I personally didn’t have any but there’s another stall in Albert Square called ‘Amsterdam Frites’. They did a BBQ Jackfruit with vegan cheese option, which would likely go down a treat after a few bevvies.

Gyros: I love making gyros at home and I’m sure the jackfruit version at ‘Eat Grk’ in the King Street markets would hit the spot.

Meals (not quite at the markets)

Wagamamas: I can never resist a tasty meal and a couple of sides at this chain at PrintWorks. I adore that they have a completely vegan menu, so you’re able to look through all of the options available, without having to feel like there’s only 2 things for you. I always recommend getting an Asahi too. Best beer going!

Wholesome Junkies: These amazing guys can be found in the Arndale markets. From the ‘KFC (kentucky fried cauliflower) burger’ to katsu tater tots, hot dogs and a straight up cheese burger. They’ve got your cravings covered. I’d highly recommend them and be warned, the queue gets pretty big!

These are both great places to line your stomachs before you start on the drink…


Beer: A lot of the beer at the Christmas markets is vegan. From Freedom larger & Sheppy’s cider at the likes of Bar 3 on New Cathedral street markets. All the way to the beers available at the Mill Exchange in Albert Square.

Gin: At the Winter Berries bar in Exhange Street, there’s a great variety of different flavoured gins to enjoy. In Albert square there’s also some amazing mulled gin to really warm your cockles.

Hot drinks: There’s a coffee stall along a lot of the market sections you go to and many of them have espresso options available. I didn’t get one myself but I’m sure some of them may have had soya milk options too for many of the drinks. If you prefer something juicer, keep your eyes peeled for hot Vimto – there’s nothing quite like it.

Sweet Treats

S’mores: In Piccadilly Gardens there’s a stand called ‘Campfire S’mores’. They serve vegan marshmallows, either on a stick with sauce and biscuit crumbs. Or as I had it, between two cookies with sauce and biscuits on top. The options they have are either Lotus or Hersheys and Oreo. Let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious.

Brownies: In Piccadilly Gardens there’s also an amazing brownie stall. From salted caramel to oreo brownies, they’ve got your vegan sweet tooth covered. I saved mine till I got home to have with a brew and my goodness, was it worth it.

I enjoyed both of my trips to the Manchester Christmas markets and would love for you to share any other stalls/places you’vce found amazing vegan food to eat. Here’s to next year…

Love, always – B
Etsy shop: beccabynature

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