Let’s Get Organised For February

January,. the longest month of the year, is almost over. If for some reason January wasn’t your most organised and you don’t at all feel like anything’s on track. You’re not alone. Me neither.

Let’s start a fresh for February.

What better way to organise yourself than print off a super cute monthly planner. It’s made to A3 size but also works great as an A4 and even A5 print off.

It’s the perfect way to keep track of things such as;

  • Shifts
  • Meetings
  • Appointments
  • Blog post schedule
  • Social media calendar

What more? It’s only 90p!!! I’ll be making one each month, so keep your eyes peeled for when March’s calendar’s available too. Buy one here: February 2020 Monthly Planner.

It’s made in CMYK, so will look just the same when you print it off on any printer!

Love, always – B
Etsy shop: beccabynature

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