Food Facts: S

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– Vitamin C: for the immune system and skin health
– Manganese: an essential vitamin for the functioning of your brain and nervous system
– Folate: for cell function and tissue growth
– Potassium: helps regulate blood pressure and prevent bloating
I love strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, with porridge or even with ice cream in the summer time

– Vitamin C
– Vitamin B5: helps to make blood cells and convert food into energy
– Folate
– Copper: allows the body to maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves and immune function
– Potassium
– Magnesium: needed to help maintain normal nerve and muscle function
Eat alone, as part of a fruit salad or even in puddings and pies

– Vitamin A: great for eye health
– Vitamin C
– Folate
– Potassium
Great for eating alone, with dark chocolate or as part of a fruit salad


Sweet potato
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin C
– Manganese
– Vitamin B6: regulates emotions (serotonin, dopamine and GABA)
– Potassium
– Pantothenic acid: See vitamin B5
– Niacin: helps lower cholesterol, ease arthritis and boost brain function
– Copper
I love sweet potato soup, roasted as wedges or even turned into mash

– Vitamin A
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin K1: helps the blood to clot
– Folic acid: helps the body to produce and maintain new cells. It also helps to prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer
– Iron: necessary for the transport of oxygen in the red blood cells
– Calcium: needed for the body to take on vitamins to develop healthy bones and teeth
I love spinach in a salad, as part of a curry and even in a stew

– Vitamin C
– Potassium
– Magnesium
– Calcium
– Vitamin E: helps to fight off infection and protects eyesight
Swede is great as mash or part of a roast dinner

Love, always – B
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