Doisy & Dam: Good Eggs

I find that when you’ve gone vegan, you still crave stuff you used to have. Not necessarily for the non vegan aspects of the product but more so for something that’s a vegan version of what you used to have.

For me during the Easter period, all I can think about is creme eggs and mini eggs. Luckily, my fellow vegan Jason from work got me a packet of these Good Eggs from Doisy & Dam.

They satisfied the craving and they satisfied it good.

A pack of these Good Eggs is £1.79 for an 80g. You can get them from Holland & Barrett here > Doisy & Dam Good Eggs <

The eggs themselves are a little smaller than your typical mini egg type product but the feeling of eating them is exactly the same. That super satisfying sugar coated shell crunch and a rich creamy chocolate inside.

Of course, with this product being 70% cocoa, it’s richer. But for me, dark chocolate is superior and thanks to the super sugary shell, this balances out the bitterness of the eggs themselves.

♡ Taste
♡ Texture
♡ Satisfies the craving
♡ Gives you that chocolate fix
♡ First ‘mini egg’ type vegan product I’ve seen

If you have any other recommendations for similar type products, be sure to let me know! I’ve loved all the Doisy & Dam stuff I’ve tried so far and will be sure to leave more reviews soon.

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Love, always – B
Etsy shop: beccabynature

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