Be The Girl Who Just Went For It

Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog, a new job, you’re having a career change or maybe like me, you’ve had your blog for 5 years and want to change it up. Well, this motivational speech is for you!

Last year I was going through major mind block. I had a lot going on in my personal life – planning a wedding, honeymoon, hen dos, amongst other family things. Blogging was getting more of a chore than something I enjoyed and it was for this reason I decided to re-evaluate.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love makeup and beauty but that’s no longer my focus. I hate to sound like ‘one of those people’ but I really want to spread the word about veganism. I’m not trying to make people become a vegan in any form, I just want them to be more aware of their options and hopefully, people will take note and think a little more when going about their day to day lives.

It might be something as silly as instead of buying a brand new pair of leather shoes, they get them second hand to slow down the demand. They may decide to actually look at the vegan options on a menu rather than instantly go for a meat choice. It’s the little things that are helping the cause for the animals, the environment and even our health.

I went for it.

Since deciding that come January 2020 I would change what used to be beccapbeauty into a fully fledged becca by nature I’ve never felt so inspired. I decided to post everyday of Veganuary and I’ve ended up not even stopping there. There’s something new on my blog and Instagram every single day!

I’ve found so much support in not only my friends and family but also companies, fellow bloggers and just the community I’ve created in general.

Just do it.

This is my post to say to any of you that are thinking of making that change, starting a blog or maybe you’re feeling uninspired like I was and you fancy changing things up. Just go for it!

At the end of the day, you may lose followers but you’ll also find out who your real followers are. You’ll find the support network and you’ll hopefully find the niche that helps grow the community and love around you.

I’ve never been happier and although there’s still some days where I can’t be bothered to blog, when I get into it it doesn’t feel like a chore.

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Love, always – B
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