Respect All Mothers

Mother’s Day is a day where we celebrate the ones who raised us, taught up, the ones who were there for us and even in memory of those who are no longer with us.

It’s not just humans that need their mums, animals do too and part of being vegan is contributing to keeping mothers with their children, no matter what species they are.

Here’s to all the mums!


For milk to be produced, dairy cows are impregnated and shortly after giving birth, the calf is ripped away from them. This causes a lot of emotional stress for the mother and most of the pairs will never get chance to meet again. They’re simply bred for either dairy or meat production. You can see more about this here: You’re not a baby cow.


A lot of chickens will be born and within 24 hours slaughtered, purely for being male and of no use to the egg production industry. This means mothers never get to care or show love to their little ones. Even if the chick is female, she’ll be taken away and within weeks be fattened up for slaughter or used for daily egg production in poor conditions. Read more about chickens here: You keep buying, they keep dying.


I find piglets to be one of the cutest baby animals out there, I just love their little snouts. Unlike those above, piglets do get to be with their mothers for just 21 days. This is whilst in complete isolation and then being moved out into the world of breeding pig or meat pig. Those first 21 days are likely the only days they enjoy and you can read more about their lives here: You are what you eat.


For a breeding ewe, life isn’t very enjoyable at all. You get artificially inseminated, give birth to gorgeous lambs and within 10 weeks them lambs are slaughtered for human consumption. This must be the worst kind of feeling for a mother, having her babies taken away for them to be killed. I might sound crazy but I do wonder what goes through their heads, never seeing their baby again. More information on lambs can be found here: Eat your own babies.

This is a shout out to all the mums. Human or animal, I appreciate you all and wish you all an amazing day, no matter what you’ve been through.

Love, always – B
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