Dog Colouring In Pages

Let’s not get into it too much because my goodness, we’ll be here all day but a lot of us are at home at the moment. Kids, elderly, spouses, parents, teenagers – we’ll all getting itchy feet wanting to be out and doing things. Thanks to the world, this isn’t happening!

Me and a dog shop near where I live collaborated to make some dog colouring in pages for everyone to do. It’s just something to keep you or your loved ones entertained or in some cases, if for example you work in the supermarket or healthcare, some colouring therapy to take your mind off it all.

There’s 5 pages at the moment and depending how long this lockdown will be going on for, there’s a chance more will be coming your way. It’s the least that me and Hounds can do to help!

Be sure to check out Hounds if you’re around the Staffordshire area, they have everything you could need for your dog and they deliver too!

I’d love to see your finished colourings of the dogs, so link me and Hounds up on Instagram – @thebeccabynature & @houndsnewcastle

Love, always – B
Etsy shop: beccabynature

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