Vive Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

I love a good protein bar. I tend to have them as an afternoon snack if I’ve worked out that day, as it’s like a naughty treat that’s actually helping my muscles recover, as I’m getting that extra protein in.


These natural protein bars from Vive are exactly that, they’re a naughty but nice treat. The main points of these bars on their website are;

♡ All natural ingredients
♡ Vegan-friendly & gluten free
♡ 10g plant protein per bar

I think these kind are bars are great for on the go and honestly, they’re perfect with a cheeky cup of tea or coffee.

Nutty & nutritious.

Although I’ve tried the other flavours from Vive, this was my first time trying to peanut butter version of their natural protein bar. It honestly just tastes like a chocolate bar you’d buy off the shelves.

It’s peanut buttery enough, without being too nutty (if that makes sense). There’s a perfect balance between the dark chocolate and peanuts basically.

Inside, the texture is like a truffle. Think nougat from a mars bar but with nuts in and a little bit drier. Okay, so that didn’t sound great but trust me, they’re delicious!

Great for on the go.

These bars are perfect if you like to have some form of protein bar handy in your home or in your backpack, handbag, gym bag for if the craving strikes.

You can pick yours up individually from Live Well for £1.80 or you cam get a pack of 12 directly from Vive for £16. They have some other great flavours too in these bars, either salted caramel or hazelnut. I think peanut butter is my favourite though!

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Love, always – B
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