Peppa the Pug

I was approached by the lovely Chantelle from plentyofvegs on Instagram asking if I’d be happy to draw her gorgeous pug Peppa. Of course, I was delighted and immediately said yes. After all, being a pug owner myself, I have a soft spot for all of them.

Reference pictures.

I was sent a few reference pictures for Peppa and fell in love with the classic pug head tilt. I knew instantly that was the pose I wanted Peppa to be in!

The final image.

I’m so happy with Peppa’s final image, she looks so adorable and Chantelle says this is the start of her dog shrine – I absolutely love that phrase and maybe I should get one too!

If you’d like me to draw you dog, please get in touch with me either via my Instagram @thebeccabynature or my email which is

The prices can all be found on my Shopify account, so be sure to click the link below.

Love, always – B
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