Nakd. Peanut Chocolish Bar

Oh how I love a snack bar of any kind. My husband’s forever telling me off for how many snacks I have in the house, but I just live for snacks. Especially chocolate bars!

When I saw the new Nakd Chocolish range in my local Sainsbury’s, a box was in my basket without even a second thought. There was a few different flavours to choose from but anyone who knows me, knows that peanut mixed with chocolate has a place in my heart.

Peanut Chocolish.

In a box, you get 4 bars of this amazing peanut chocolate heaven and they’re only £3 and exclusive to Sainbury’s!

What I love about these bars is that they’re smooth inside, like a typical Nakd fruit and nut bar, but alongside this smoothness is the crunch of chunks of peanuts – this makes the perfect texture sensation in your mouth.

Although they’re called ‘Chocolish’ I think they’re just the perfect amount of chocolate, without being overpowered – if that makes sense?

The perfect afternoon snack.

Thanks to the sweetness of the chocolate, something that you don’t usually get from a Nakd bar, these are the perfect afternoon snack. Whether you’re a tea or coffee person, this will go perfectly to pep you up during that afternoon lull.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the other flavours. They also do Raspberry Chocolish and Double Chocolish – what would be your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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Love, always – B
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