Love Raw Cookie Dough Cups

Since going vegan I’ve missed Reece’s peanut butter cups so badly. Not even the peanut part, there’s just something about chocolate in a little cup with a delicious centre that tickles my tastebuds.

When I got these super cute cookie dough cups in my The Vegan Kind box in March, I was so excited as they were right up my street.

Love Raw.

These cookie dough flavoured cups have the perfect chocolate to cookie dough ratio. They’re super sweet but not sickly and the two cups are the perfect snack with a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon or as dessert.


The cookie dough in these cups are made from cashews which give a perfect creamy texture, much like that of cookie dough without the nutty taste – likely down to other ingredients mixed in.

Would buy again.

I’d definitely like to buy these again and try the other flavours in the range. Something which I also loved about then was that they didn’t have extra unnecessary packaging. Most other ‘cups’ come in a paper cup but these just had a bit of cardboard inside with the main packaging over. Something I really appreciated, it’s the little things.

Have you tried any of the flavours from this range? You can see them all here: Love Raw. I saw they do chocolate bars too and I would LOVE to try those. Might have to treat myself..

Love, always – B
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