My Sweet Chickpea

I’m very unfortunate in the sense that I’m a vegan who’s intolerant to chickpeas. Chickpeas can be a base for so many things from burgers, to falafels and even stews. As soon as I eat one my belly goes from flat to 6 months pregnant and I’m not about that life.

However, when I got these dark chocolate covered chickpeas from My Sweet Chickpea in my The Vegan Kind box, I knew I just had to try them. Even if I only had one or two at a time.

A healthy snack.

A chickpea is such a healthy thing to eat, it’s full of protein, some good carbs and also makes you feel real full. These chocolate covered ones are a great way to be a little naughty but also get the nutrients from the chickpeas too!

As I mentioned, I’ve been getting maybe 3 – 5 at a time to avoid the bloating but the pack is actually perfect for just dipping into and maybe keeping in your work bag or handbag for a little pick me up when you’re on the go.


They kind of remind me of a toffee poppet (if anyone remembers them) but they’re more of a nut style texture, without the nutty flavour. It’s hard to put my finger on the exact taste but they’re certainly delicious.

The chocolate that covers the chickpea is the perfect amount and it’s not a bitter dark chocolate so it’s the perfect little sweet nugget of taste.

I’ve seen they have loads of different flavours and the cappuccino ones are calling my name, although I don’t think I’d be able to resist having less than 5 of those! See the whole range here: My Sweet Chickpea.

Have you tried these before or even made your own? I’d love to know if the other flavours are as good as they sound!

Love, always – B
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