A (Chocolate) Drop of Joy

When I turned fully vegan at the start of this year, I thought that chocolate would be one of the things I missed the most. Although dark chocolate is my favourite anyway, I thought I would miss actually chocolate bars – afterall, I was obsessed with mars, snickers and bounties.

Luckily, I haven’t missed one of them as I’ve found so many alternatives. These Cadbury Bournville buttons are actually one of my favourite ‘chocolate bar’ alternatives. I know that sounds weird, cause they’re not a bar at all, but it’s kinda like having a pack of buttons and it just feels different to eating a straight up chocolate block, do you feel me?

Yummy buttons.

If you’re vegan and you love to eat a ‘sweeter’ chocolate rather than just a bitter dark chocolate, Bournville is the one for you. These buttons are dangerous., as the ‘share’ bag doesn’t tend to last me more than 2 servings (if I’m being genrous) but if you do have more self-control than me, they’re a good little pick-me-up if you just need a couple of buttons for something sweet.

You can pick these up in most supermarkets and if you catch them on a lucky day, they can be on offer for £1! If that’s the case, I definitely recommend getting two bags because it’s very much needed, am I right?

Love, always – B
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