Alska Cloudy Sicilian Lemon Cider

It’s not very often I talk about alcohol on here but why the hell not. I love a cheeky drink every now and then, especially during these lock down times it’s like a treat as we’re not actually able to go out and get drunk.

As it’s cheaper to buy drink from the shop, I’ve started to experiment and try different drinks, makes it more fun that way!

Aldi is one of my favourite places to buy drinks, not only because they’re drink but as they always tend to have different drinks in than your other supermarkets. When shopping last week I picked up this Alska Cloudy Sicilian Lemon Cider.

For a pack of 4 330ml bottles it was only £3.79, so less than a £1 per bottle.

Tastes like summer.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this drink. It’s described as classic, intensely juicy and bittersweet which made me think it may possibly be more of a bitter taste – think lemon tonic water style. But no.

It actually tastes like pure lemon juice with a bit of fizz. I’d even go as far to say it tasted like lemon fanta! Which let’s all be honest, is very dangerous! I could quite easily drink all four of the pack within an hour or two and although they’re low in alcohol (only 4%) it’s not going to be so good for my head the next day!

There’s a couple of other flavours in the range and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be picking them up when I’m next in Aldi. The pear, cucumber and mint ones are what has my eye!

Have you tried any of the other drinks from the Alska range? I’d love to know. What’s even better is that they’re vegan friendly! If you’re usnure why drinks might not be vegan friendly, read my blog post here: Let’s celebrate.

Love, always – B
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