Prodigy Chunky Chocolate Bar

I recently discovered Prodigy thanks to receiving one of their peanut caramel cahoot bars in one of my The Vegan Kind boxes. You can see the full review on that chocolate bar here: Prodigy Peanut Caramel Cahoot. Heads up, it’s like a mars and snickers in one, but vegan.

After eating that bar I went on their website and purchased myself over £20 worth of chocolate bars. After all, if you can’t treat yourself to something you really want, why treat yourself at all? I picked up some of their coconut cahoots (post on those in a week or two) and their chunky chocolate bars. These bars are vegan, made with nutrient-rich, raw and organic ingredients. Thanks to this it’s not an unhealthy snack to be eating, it’s great as part of a clean diet and even more, the packaging is plastic-free completely compostable!

Now I’m a chocolate in the fridge kind of girl, so before treating myself to one of these bars it was sitting in the fridge for around an hour. Even after being in the fridge the texture was just like you’d expect from a chocolate bar. It was smooth and the chunks melt in your mouth.

The flavour was definitely chocolate but it wasn’t as sweet as I expected it to be. I appreciate that due to being made with great ingredients it wasn’t going to be a super sweet bar but after eating the other bars from the brand, this wasn’t as ‘indulgent’ as the others. They do have a chocolate orange version of this bar, which may bring a bit more sweetness, so it might be worth me trying that one next time I make an order. Personally, I did enjoy these bars but as I prefer the others more I wouldn’t buy these again.

New bars from Prodigy.

What’s even more exciting is they’ve just released two more flavours of chocolate bars. They have a hazelnut version which I’ll be all over when I next order and a sea salt version, great for those who love the mixture of sweet and salty. Which one of these would you pick?

Love, always – B
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