Food Pun Stickers

At least once a week I tend to post a food pun post on my Instagram (@thebeccabynature) and quite often I get comments saying, you should totally make these into stickers. After thinking about it for a bit I realised, hey you know this could actually be a really good idea. So I caved, brought the supplies and here we are a couple of weeks later with the final product.

I’ve started with 5 different designs to begin with and I only have a few of each. I want to see how they do, which are the most popular and what other designs you lovely people would maybe like to see in the future.

It’s super important to note I am only a one man band and at the moment, I don’t have the money to be buying fancy machines and printers. So that means all my stickers are handcut by yours truly and printed on a bog-standard printer but the quality is still insane! I made sure to get the best paper and work super hard on making the designs something that I think so many of you will love.

For all the details about the stickers, from colours to size and pricing, head over to my Etsy shop here: Becca by nature.

I’d love to know what you think of the stickers and if you do buy any, make sure to tag me on Instagram. I love seeing both my artwork and hopefully, my stickers being used in the real world!

If there is any other designs you’d like to see in the future, be sure to let me know either on here or on Instagram, I love making stuff that you also love!

Love, always – B
*For commissions, please email me or get in touch on Instagram*
I also have an Etsy shop: beccabynature

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