Being Nice Costs Nothing

I think in the current circumstances that we’re under now, this phrase means more than it ever has. No matter who you’re speaking to, whether you know them, no matter what they look like or if they’re someone that’s just doing their job, it costs absolutely nothing to be nice. I appreciate that we can get angry, especially if we’re trying to talk to someone that’s not taking our opinion or thoughts on board but it’s absolutely no excuse for quite honestly being an arsehole.

It’s really important to remember that even if you know someone, you don’t know exactly how they’re feeling that day or know what fights they may have going on in the background. For this reason, before saying anything truly think about whether what you’re going to say have any substance or will achieve anything at all. If you know what you’re going to say may hurt someone’s feelings, not be productive in any way or simply have no relevance it’s probably best to keep it yourself.

So use your £0 wisely and be nice to whoever you may speak to today. Whether it’s in real life, on the phone or via social media, think before you speak. It costs nothing to be nice.

Love, always – B
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