Aldi’s Moser Roth Dark Mint Chocolate

As a vegan, different types of chocolate that aren’t going to cost you a fortune are limited, especially if you just want to pick something up whilst doing your weekly shop. My friends, I have found a dark mint chocolate that is not only affordable but it tastes so bloody good, that you’d think it was actually a lot more expensive than it is.

Moser Roth.

Aldi’s had it’s Moser Roth range in stores for quite some time and honestly, it’s some of the best dark chocolate out there. Personally, dark chocolate is my favourite, so lucky for me being a vegan it’s the perfect match for me. I recently saw they had different flavours of dark chocolate, rather than just the 70% cocoa and other percentages dark chocolate, so thought I’d take a sneaky peek at the ingredients to see if it was vegan. I was so happy when I saw there was no dairy involved, a pet peeve of mine when it comes to dark chocolate, so straight into my basket it went.

Mint chocolate.

In the packet itself there’s 5 25g bars of the chocolate. This is perfect for me, as it means rather than being tempted to eat the whole pack in one go, I can just take one wrapped section and be good to go! It’s a very satisfying chocolate and honestly, the one bar always curbs my cravings and gives me the chocolate fix I’m looking for.

The chocolate itself is very smooth in texture and taste. The mint is there but it’s not too overpowering. Honestly, it tastes just like an after eight but without the cream being there (if that makes sense). The chocolate is very sweet with no bitterness coming from the dark chocolate and just writing this now I wish I hadn’t already ate all bars. Looks like another trip to Aldi is on the cards!

If you’re after some flavoured dark chocolate, this is the one for you. The pack is £1.49 and Aldi being Aldi, there’s often little discounts available. I think when I picked this up the other week they had Moser Roth on offer for £1.29, so yes, I saved a whole 20p!

Have you tried any of the other Moser Roth flavours? I’d love to know which you’d recommend.

Love, always – B
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