Tiggy for a Little Blog of Vegan

Okay, if you don’t know who ‘a little blog of vegan’ is, who even are you? She’s one of the best vegan bakers out there, creating so many amazing cakes, bakes and more! If you’re not already following her, be sure to here, although her Instagram feed will have you feeling super hungry – just a warning.

Recently, her beloved cat Tiggy passed and for her birthday, her lovely Mum got in touch with me to ask if I would draw Tiggy as a birthday present. Of course, I was honoured and was super excited to create something that Holly was able to keep as a special memory.

The reference image.

Holly’s mum really liked this image of Tiggy where you can see the tail up, as it really brought out his personality. Having an exact reference image of what pose you’d like the pet positioned in is super helpful for me, as it means I know exactly how the legs, tail and everything out should be positioned. So if you do get in touch and want me to recreate an exact picture, this is something I really appreciate.

The final image.

We kept the background of this image really simple. There’s no name, just a few hearts and stars to keep all the main focus on Tiggy himself. I really love how this came out and Holly absolutely loved getting this for her birthday.

I did commission a print with a poem on it too, but I felt that was too personal to share and should be something kept special for the family. But if you do ever have anything in mind for a different kind of pet portrait, be sure to get in touch. I’m always happy to make your visions come to life!

If you’d like to get your own pet portrait, I’ve now made a super simple form for you to fill out, so pop me either an email or a message on Instagram and I’ll get it sent out to you!

Love, always – B
*For commissions, please email me or get in touch on Instagram*
I also have an Etsy shop: beccabynature

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