Love Is Love

I think today’s post is going to be pretty straight forward and to the point because honestly, what else is there to say apart from love is love. No matter who you love, that’s okay and if society, your parents, your family or your friends don’t agree, don’t let that phase you. Love whoever the fuck you want and love who makes you happy!

Boys can love boys. Girls can love girls. Girls can love boys. At the end of the day, people love people and it’s human nature to fall in love, with whoever that lucky person may be.

I just want people to know, that even if you live somewhere that same-sex marriage isn’t accepted or you live in a situation where you’re expected to marry someone of who your parents approve rather than who you love, there’s a whole world out there that will allow you to be you and love who you love.

I appreciate that this isn’t always the case and these words are just words but please just know that so many people out there, me and I’m sure many others, who will fingers crossed leave lovely comments below with supportive words, are here for you.

Live you true self. Love your true soul. Be in love with whoever you want to be.

Love is love. We’re all human.

Love, always – B
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One thought on “Love Is Love

  1. Great read and many good points. Of all people, a guy on sportstalk radio pointed out something. He said today’s kids are so inclusive, they don’t care about labels, colors, etc. My generation put too many labels on people. The youth today have set a great example for us boomers!!!!


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