Potatoes Gonna Potate

Oh what a pun, what a time to be alive! Potatoes. If you don’t love them, then you’ve obviously never had them in the right style for you. Fried, baked, mashed, boiled, steamed they’re a perfect complex carb that will not only keep you full but also provide you with plenty of energy and nutrition as part of your diet. So let’s see what they’re all about..

A good carb.

Potatoes are mainly composed of carbs in the form of starch and made up of 77% water. Due to this, they help to keep your fuller for longer so if you find yourself snacking throughout the day, it’s good to have potatoes as part of a balanced meal as your carb source, as it’ll not only keep your fuller but also provide energy to keep you going.

As there are simple sugar molecules in potatoes, it’s important to note that they can increase the blood sugar levels quickly and for this reason, people with diabetes need to be careful about the type of and amount of potato they eat.


There’s a good amount of fiber in a potato, mainly in the skin which is why it’s important to keep those skins on! This fiber feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut and in turn improves your digestive health to keep you going regularly, if you know what I mean! So where possible, make sure you keep those skins on!

Vitamins and minerals.

As with plenty of food, there’s also benefits for potatoes in relation to the vitamins and minerals they provide. There’s a good source of both potassium and vitamin C, along with Folate and vitamin B6.

Not only this but there’s also bioactive plant compounds in the skin of a potato, especially those with purple or red skin. These are essentially like antioxidants and help to provide many different health benefits.

Happy heart.

The vitamins and minerals that are in potatoes can help to lower blood pressure and the high potassium content is one of the best factors of this.

I love to eat my potatoes cut straight up as wedges, coated in oil, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic. I’d love to know how you like to eat yours, so let me know in the comments below!

Love, always – B
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