Perfectly Broken Pretzels with Sea Salt

Oh my goodness. I can’t be the only person who loves sweet mixed with salty. I’ll always choose sweet and salty mix for popcorn at the cinema and when it comes to chocolate, I love when it’s mixed with something salty. Getting this pretzel sea salt chocolate in my The Vegan Kind box last month was absolutely up my street and I can confirm *spoilers* it did not disappoint.

Perfectly broken.

These little bags of broken shards are perfect for snacking on or sharing (if you are so kind). It’s pretty much as it says on the box, a slab of dark Belgian chocolate with sea salt pretzels inside and then smashed into snackable pieces. Not only is the snack completely vegan, the cocoa is also Fair Trade, something we should all be very passionate about.


As soon as I opened the packet I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down. As I mentioned, sweet mixed with salty is right up my street. The chocolate was rich and the pretzels were crunchy and not overly salty as to take away any of the smooth chocolatey taste. If I’m being honest, it was perfect and I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for them in the future. I noticed they also do an almond sea salt flavour that I’d love to try, so I’ve got my eyes firmly peeled on getting me some of those. You can see more on their snacks here: Perfectly Broken.

Do you like the mixture of sweet and salty? I’d love to know what your favourite sweet and salty snack is!

Love, always – B
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