Viva La Vegan

I feel that as a vegan people are very quick to judge. Don’t get me wrong, I did too back when I heard that people didn’t eat meat but after taking the time to edcuate myself I personally didn’t feel right eating meat or any animal derived products any longer and that’s my choice to make.

I feel like a lot of people go to Vegas to celebrate a milestone such as turning 21, 30 etc or when they’re celebrating maybe a marriage (there or on honeymoon). Basically, it’s just a place of celebration and I can relate this back to veganism too.

Becoming a vegan itself is a celebration to me. It’s celebrating being one less person sending animals to slaughter, one less person causing unnecessary pain or torture to animals, it’s celebrating being a positive change towards the environment and it’s celebrating standing up for what you believe in. I appreciate that so many people may not agree or understand veganism in itself and that’s totally okay, each to their own.

Those who are vegans will understand the celebration that comes with being a part of a lifestyle change that helps animals, the environment and you! Who’s with me?

Love, always – B
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