Finally, Vegan Malteasers?!

Guys, guys, guys, oh, my, god. It’s finally happened, I’ve found the closest thing to vegan malteaser that I ever have and if you know me, last year before I went vegan Malteasers fast became what I’d reach for if I wanted a cheeky chocolate snack. I’d pick them up at work, I’d pick them up in the shops and I’d ask for them if someone wanted to get me a treat.

Since going vegan, I’ve tried alternatives but what’s come the closest is these!

Gnawbles by Creative Nature.

In my The Vegan Kind box this month, I got these Gnawbles in the hazelnot flavour. They’re nut free and I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t get any nuttiness from them so I wouldn’t say judge your taste on that as I didn’t get any, but for me it was more about the texture and that’s what blew me away. With these ‘light and crunchy bites’ you have that perfect Malteaser feel. The chocolate on the outside was creamy whilst still having my favourite dark chocolate richness, something I absolutely love.

Honestly, these were really amazing to me and I’d give them a strong 8.5/10 if I had to do a rating.

Other flavours.

Of course, because I loved them so much I had to look into the cost of buying loads and in turn, I found all the different flavours Creative Nature creates. There’s creamy milk chocolate (which I reckon would be the most like Malteasers), orange chocolate and even some salted caramel protein ones. I mean, I want to try them all and lucky for me they do taster packs, so I’ll definitely be able to see which are my favourites before diving right in!

Which flavour sounds like it would be most up your street?

Love, always – B
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3 thoughts on “Finally, Vegan Malteasers?!

    1. There really is. Even from the start of this year until now I feel like itโ€™s all changed so much and I am living for it!! I think it helps encourage others to try it too ๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. These look really good. Iโ€™ll have to see if I can find them in stores. As much as I love Maltesers, I rarely buy them because of the not-so-great ingredients. I would definitely give these ones a try, especially the hazelnut ๐Ÿ˜‹


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