Sisterhood Is Powerful

I am a woman, I am proud to be a woman and I respect and admire other women.

I think there’s nothing more powerful than supporting other women no matter what their goals or dreams are. Whether they’re in the same industry as you, whether they’re doing something you’re not particularly interested in or they’re doing what you could only dream about, support is still so so important.


I like to think that through my blog here and also my Instagram page, little comments and likes I leave on different subjects from illustration, business, body positivity and beyond all help make the woman on the other side feel supported and like she can achieve whatever the hell she wants.

Support is never underestimated and I can’t even begin to tell you how much a comment, like, follow and even a purchase can mean to someone on the other side. My dream is to one day run my own business, being able to sell all different things from stickers to prints and I’m also trying to turn my blog into a place of positivity. Not only for women, but for everyone to feel safe, like they’re valued and that they’re able to reach their dreams.

In this day and age, people can get very caught up in what they should be, they can see others doing amazing and think they’re not good enough or they could see someone doing something they’d love to do and think ‘I could never do that’. Well I’m here to tell you that you can do anything you put your mind too! I’ve been reading so many positive articles and information about manifesting your dreams and I think it’s all very true (maybe I’ll do a blog post on this at a later date if you’re interested?).

Support costs nothing.

Whether you have a small business or not, support to everyone, even just your friends means the world. See my posts on how to support small businesses here: Support Small. It can come in so many different forms and half of them don’t cost you anything. For many women, it can be a lot harder to achieve their goals simply due to the type of world we live in, which yes, isn’t ideal. But we can change this! All we need to do is form that sisterhood, support other women around us (and everyone else of course) and become a powerful force to be reckoned with. Who’s with me?!

Love, always – B
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10 thoughts on “Sisterhood Is Powerful

  1. 💯 agree – it’s why I started my blog to help me to cope with growing older but in the process if I can encourage & support others to find their way then so much the better. I know that a few of my contemporaries have been encouraged to follow their dreams because of something I have said to them & that has made me feel so happy. Sometimes it’s just seeing or hearing something that can trigger positive action that improves the quality of life for an individual 😃

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