LazyDay Dark Chocolate Ginger Snaps

Ginger biscuits are a love or hate it biscuit I think. There’s also so many people who are very against putting gingers in the biscuit tin, as they ‘taint’ the other biscuits. I am not one of these people, I love ginger biscuits and if another biscuit has a hint of ginger, I ain’t gonna be mad about it.

My lovely friend Vikki came and dropped these ginger snaps over for me the other week and once they were opened they were gone within 2 days! I can’t said I’ve ever had ginger biscuits with chocolate on before and they were giving me full blown fancy Christmas biscuit vibes. Yes, I said the C word – sorry.


Lazyday are a company that prides themselves on being free from dairy, milk, eggs, gluten, hydrogenated fats and also wheat. This makes them the perfect snack and treat for vegans and celiacs too.

Honestly, I didn’t have any opinions based already on these biscuits but as soon as I’d put one in my mouth I was sold and knew I’d be wanting more of these in the future. I loved that they weren’t as hard as ginger biscuits usually are but they also weren’t crumbly or soft like a cookie (I hope this makes sense). They were the perfect amount of ginger and the belgian dark chocolate on one half of the biscuit was THICK. I hate when companies scrimp on the chocolate, at the end of the day if I want a chocolate biscuit, I don’t want a tiny sliver do I?

I think the fact the chocolate is so thick, rich and creamy all helps concrete the fact that it reminds me of the fancy biscuits you only seem to have at Christmas time for when people come round (or in my case, to eat all to yourself).

For a pack of these biscuits, it’s around £2-£3 depending on where you buy them from and you get 125g which I think was about 8 biscuits. As they are so rich, I suppose you’re only meant to have 2 per sitting unlike me who scoffed 4. I needed them okay?!

Have you tried anything from the Lazyday range? I’d love to know what your favourite thing is, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them.

Love, always – B
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