Soap&Glory Sticks – Gloss&Matte – Swatches & Review

Whilst going into town to buy things non make-up related I accidentally found myself in Boots. Always happens, no idea how! I found myself drawn to the Soap&Glory stand as I noticed new products had been added which were right up my alley, lip crayon sticks!

I’m unsure what it is about lip crayons, maybe its the way they’re packaged – reminding me of easier times as a kid – or the ease of application, but I’m forever reaching for them on a day to day basis. So as you can imagine, seeing these was a ‘Becca you need to buy these’ moment.

The ‘sticks’ are part of the ‘Sexy Mother Pucker’ range and come in a Gloss & Matte finish formula, ranging from nudes through to deep purples. The crayons are smaller than what you would come to expect from this type of product, especially in comparison to the Revlon Balm Stains, but nevertheless I ended up picking up 3 shades, one in the gloss formula and two mattes.

From left to right, Red Ember(M), Firecracker(M), Nudist(G).

The first thing that struck me about these crayons is that the product inside still has your typical lipstick bullet shape, something I appreciate as it means the application can be more precise, especially helpful for the matte shades. The product is very comfortable to wear on the lips and wears off well.
One thing I would note however is that the matte shades aren’t exactly matte. I would say they have more a satin finish, but are definitely more matte than your traditional lipstick. Usually I would expect a matte product to leave a lasting stain on the lips however I was left with more of a sheer wash of colour.

Swatches from top to bottom, Red Ember(M), Firecracker(M), Nudist(G).

 Red Ember, a blue toned red – classic red lip colour.
Firecracker, a true orange – perfect with a tan in summer.  
Nudist, a pinky nude – perfect for everyday.

Overall I think these are a handy little product in a gorgeous range of colours, good for perhaps leaving in your handbag or car, but don’t expect them to be long lasting. I wore the matte stick in Red Ember today and it lasted around 3 hours, however I did eat and drink during this time. The price is especially pleasing at only £3.50 each which makes up for the longevity of the product, if I was paying a higher price I would probably be more disappointed with them.

Have you tried any of the other colours in the range? What are your thoughts?


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