Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette – Swatches & Review

When the Kat Von D beauty range launched everybody went crazy for it; first the foundations that could cover pretty much anything, then the blackest of black tattoo eyeliner, contour kits when everybody and their dog were contouring and then she came out with the Eye Contour Palette. This palette spoke to me – 12 matte eyeshadows, in warm, neutral and cool tones. What more could a make up junkie ask for?

Unfortunately for me, I live in the UK and getting hold of Kat Von D Beauty is extremely hard. So after many weeks of lusting over swatches and watching countless tutorials on YouTube confirming my love at first sight I was adamant that I needed this palette. I didn’t even care how much it cost! (It ended up being about £60. Ouch.)

 When it finally arrived in the post I was not disappointed it was everything I had imagined and I have been using it on the weekly ever since. I love the different quads of tones, and you can even use the yellow shade Lactus as an under eye setting powder, Lazurus as a cheek contour shade and any of the ‘highlight’ shades for your cheeks if you don’t fancy a shimmery shade. Don’t you just love a multi-use product! It even comes with a handy guide on how to contour your eyes to widen them, narrow them, define them, lift them.. the list goes on..

The Neutral Quad.From top to bottom: Solas, Samael, Laetus, Lucius.

The Cool Quad.

From top to bottom: Shax, Saleos, Lazarus, Liberatus.

The Warm Quad.  
From top to bottom: Sytry, Succubus, Ludwin, Latinus.

Overall I think any beauty lover who either adores matte shadows, or simply enjoys having a great range of transition shades in many different tones would be grateful to have this in their collection. I don’t regret a single penny and find myself reaching for this eye shadow palette more than any other.

Do you have this palette or any other items from the Kat Von D beauty range? The quality of this product definitely makes me want to try more!


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