My first MAC lipstick – Angel – Swatches & Review

It wasn’t until university I started getting into make-up. I wore it on a day to day basis but there was no rhyme or reason to it, more than anything it was to hide my bad skin. All the free time I had (by not going to lectures) was spent watching either films or YouTube videos. This is where the passion started and within months I wanted to build my collection as quickly as possible. At this time it was more about quantity than quality, I regularly found myself buying from the cheaper brands at Boots and Superdrug, or I’d be in the make-up section at T.J.Hughes buying multiple Rimmel lipsticks at £1.99 each.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I got myself a full-time job and stopped going out as much that I thought ‘Hey, I could spend this money on proper make up now!’. And so that’s what I did! I branched out into the high end world of make up and haven’t looked back since.

Lipstick being my vice there seemed no better place to start than with a MAC lipstick, and at this time the hype around Kim Kardashian’s favourite lip combo was insane (MAC’s Angel with Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss, in case you were wondering). As I tended to go for pink lipsticks anyway, Angel – a frost finish soft pink lipstick -, seemed like the perfect place to start my now ever expanding collection.

Although a frost finish, I don’t find Angel to be overpowering with shimmer, if anything the frost simply adds plumpness to the lips. The lasting power isn’t great due to the slip and finish of the product, but personally this doesn’t bother me, it’s what comes with the territory of a non-matte product.

 Back then I wore this lipstick like it was going out of fashion but these days I don’t really wear as many of these lighter pink tones. However, if the mood struck and that was the lip colour I was going for Angel would definitely be up there in my top picks.

What was your first MAC lipstick? I’d love to know!


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