Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – Grand Cru – Swatches & Review

Bourjois isn’t really a beauty brand which I lean towards. When I am in stores such as Boots or Superdrug it’s the stand I usually walk past, heading instead towards L’Oreal, Maybelline or Sleek. Last year after seeing ads in magazines and the hype online I picked up two shades of the Rouge Edition Velvets in Grand Cru, a crimson red and Nude-ist, a mauve pink nude.

I found very different results with each colour, I absolutely LOVED Nude-ist, it was the perfect everyday colour with great lasting power and quickly became part of my everyday makeup routine. However on a night out I lost it and haven’t bought another since so I apologise for not having any swatches.

Grand Cru nevertheless stays in my collection, but hardly ever gets worn. The colour in the package looks amazing, a gorgeous deep crimson. When putting the product on, it just doesn’t seem to glide like Nude-ist did. The texture is something I haven’t experienced before, the only way I can describe both of them is like putting a silicone primer over your lips. Grand Cru however seems to often come out of the tube lumpy and when applying goes patchy and comes off as you put more on, which doesn’t make sense to me. It isn’t my application as I applied Nude-ist in the same way with very different results. I’ve also read many other reviews which go along the same vein when it comes to the Grand Cru colour, so maybe Bourjois changed the formula slightly to achieve this colour.

Top without flash and bottom without so you can see the patchiness better.

As you can see from the swatches the colour is striking but ever so slightly patchy. The product itself lasts a good amount of time I’d say around 5 hours without eating or drinking or 2/3 with. I do however find that it bleeds over the lipline so when wearing the darker or brighter colours you may need a liner.

Recently Bourjois have released the Souffle version of the Rouge Edition Velvets and the colours look stunning. Due to the problems I have with this colour though I am slightly put off buying any of the range as they are £8.99.

Have you tried any of the other colours of the original range or any of the new Souffle version? Let me know how you’ve got on with them.


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