Dry Shampoo 101 – Which is best?

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Becca. Becca was a blonde haired girl who used to wash her hair everyday. One day Becca decided enough was enough and stopped washing her hair on the daily, cutting it down to 2 times a week. But how could such a fairytale be true? Well, if you listen carefully her secrets will be told..

Okay, so it may not be everybody’s dream fairytale, but I hate nothing more than washing my hair. So when dry shampoo’s became a thing I was first on the hype! These days they’ve become ever more popular, so which really is best?

Everybody’s favourite – Batiste (£2.99 for 200ml):
When dry shampoo-ing (if that’s the correct term?) first became the thing to do, there was one and only one – Batiste! As with all originals, it is up there with the top dogs. Although it can leave a white residue on the hair, the range does now come in different colours to suit your hair type – brunette, redheads and blondes. I have never personally tried any of the coloured options as I find that after about 20 minutes the whitecast disappears as it soaks into my hair. (Quick tip: Sometimes before bed I will spray dry shampoo into my hair all over and sleep on it, when you wake up all the residue is soaked in and bazinga, fresh hair). Batiste personally can give me a weighed down feel from time to time, but this tends to happen more once I’ve used it for a couple of days on the trot. The range of scents is great as there’s something for everyone, personally I’m an original or tropical scented gal. I am a big fan of the Batiste range and have stayed true to it for at least the past two years. However, since the release of new dry shampoos and constantly finding myself seeing reviews on YouTube and blogs alike I decided to venture out into the evergrowing range…

The Blogger’s/YouTuber’s favourite – CoLab (£3.49 for 200ml):
CoLab is the brain child of one of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers, Ruth Crilly. You can view the video all about the range and how it began by clicking here. I am currently still using my first bottle of the stuff and I love that it comes in such a big can! The range is named after cities which reflect the scents of each product. The one I went for after doing a big smell test in Superdrug – which the range is exclusive to aside from feelunique.com – was Rio, which is described as, ‘a carnival of tropical notes’, no surprises there. The aim of the CoLab range is to banish the whitecast and residue, and so far I can agree that it’s definitely more lightweight than the likes of Batiste and the scents are a lot more grown up. I can see this becoming a new favourite and fast.

Not Everybody’s favourite yet – Urban Fudge (£5.99 for 150ml):
Yes, yes I know. The price of this one compared to the others seems ridiculous but oh my! it is worth it. I kid you not after applying this the other morning my mum shouted upstairs ‘Bec, what’s that candle you’ve just lit? Smells lovely.’ It does smell divine (Wild Pear and Vanilla in case you were wondering). Not only is the smell heavenly but you only need a couple of spritzes to get rid of the oil build up in your hair and it makes my hair feel like it has been washed that very day. There is no residue, much like the Batiste any whitecast that does occur in the hair disappears within minutes and it doesn’t weigh the hair down either adding to the volume and fluffiness, if that’s what you would call it, of your bouffant. I’m nearing the end of this bottle now and am finding myself savoring every last spray! I will definitely be buying it again soon and suggest you run out to your local Tesco’s (or other stockist) to grab yourself a bottle. You won’t regret it!

What dry shampoos not mentioned here would you recommend?


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