Everyday Lip – Lime Crime Cashmere & Primark Brown lipliner – Swatches & Reviews

Everybody and their dogs are loving mauvey-nudey brown toned lips thanks to King Kylie Jenner. And I am no exception. It’s a colour that’s so neutral but at the same time so different to what we’re used to, which is why I think everybody has fallen head over heels.

I personally go to this colour most days, it’s so simple to throw on and with my usual neutral look, the lip just pops without being too in your face. There are a few variations of a similar colour combination but this one is my favourite. Lime Crime Cashmere velourlips applied over the bargain find of the year Primark Brown lipliner. A big shout out to Sabrina from LoveLaughAndMakeup on YouTube for that discovery! I also own a Primark Velvet lip pencil from her recommendations and also love it, I will probably swatch & review that soon!

 I start by applying the Primark liner to shape my lips (usually ever so slightly overlining), and filling them in with the same product. Once I’m happy with the shape I will then go over the top with Lime Crime Cashmere, which is the most gorgeous mauve greige tone. The doe foot applicator allows you to control the product amazingly, when using alone I’m still able to overline my lips perfectly. The product dries completely matte and is extremely comfortable to wear. As this is my everyday lip I often wear this combination to work, where I work for 8 hours plus, and find that even after my lunch break I very rarely need to reapply the product. Yes after my entire shift it has slightly faded and worn off, but it wears off is such a way that it’s hardly noticeable to most.

I would definately recommend both these products to anyone searching for the perfect Kylie Jenner lip, and it looks very similar to her Dolce K lipkit – the original. Lime Crime Cashmere which is cruelty free and completely vegan can be purchased in the UK from the site love-makeup.co.uk (£13.95) and the Primark Brown lipliner is available nationwide (£1 – yes that’s right!).

Do any of you own the Kylie LipKit in Dolce K? Would you recommend? I’d love to know as I’m regularly eyeing it along with the other colours up, but can’t justify buying something which I already have so many combinations of.


10 thoughts on “Everyday Lip – Lime Crime Cashmere & Primark Brown lipliner – Swatches & Reviews

  1. I have medium golden undertone skin, black hair and brown eyes. I have Douche K and it has a odd undertone. I’m not loving it on my skintone and I can usually wear any kind of brown.

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