Everyday Neutral Bronzed Makeup with Kylie Jenner Inspired Lip

I love to sleep. I always prioritize sleep in the mornings over getting ready however I also love to apply my makeup without rushing – it’s daily struggle, trust me. This has however meant that I’ve got my everyday makeup down to a T. I know the exact products I can put on my face without fail, to get a gorgeous glowy bronzed look.

PREPERATION   I do this by washing my face in the shower with Neutrogena’s 2 in 1 Wash Mask (£3.75) and exfoliating using Clean&Clear’s Blackhead Scrub (£2.69). After this I then apply 3-4 drops of Bio-oil (£8.50 for 60ml). I usually let that sink it for about a minute before going onto my next step which is priming. I along with many others are on the Nivea’s Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm hype (£5.35), thanks to NikkieTutorials (see why here). It really helps my makeup cling to my face all day. I apply about a 10p piece of product all over my face, rubbing in circular motions until the product becomes tacky on the skin. This can take a minute or two, but it won’t work to it’s full potential if you don’t get to this stage.

Then for the fun part – MAKE UP.

FACE  Starting by applying Mac Studio Face & Body in C4 (£29.50 for 120ml) all over using a Real Techniques Beauty Sponge(£3.95), including over the eyelids. This gives a dewy medium coverage to the skin whilst keeping the skin looking like skin. It’s my favourite foundation of all time.
I then go in with Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer in 35 (£5.99) to add any extra coverage and Maybelline’s Age Rewind concealer (£7.99) in Light to highlight under the eyes and the centre of the face again blending with the RT sponge. Straight after this step I set my under-eyes and the centre of my face where I get oily throughout the day with Collection’s Sheer Loose Powder Translucent (£2.99) , using the flat edge of the RT sponge to apply the product heavily and ‘bake’ for a couple of minutes before brushing off any excess with a Real Techniques Foundation Brush (Part of the Core Collection £13).
Then my favourite step, bronzing. I use Loreal Paris Glam Bronze Terra (£12.99) with the massive EcoTools Domed Bronzer brush (£9.99) to bronze the cheeks and perimeter of my face.
My close second favourite step highlighting! I use the contour brush from the RT core collection set, and apply Make Up Revolutions Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights (£3) to the high points of my cheeks, above my brow, the centre of my nose and my cupids bow.
Lastly for my face I will apply blush, this varies depending on the mood I am in, but recently I’ve been reaching for No.7’s blush in Honey (£9), using the RT’s blush brush (£8.99).

I always start by doing my brows, and I have been loving the Make Up Revolution Brow Dual in Dark (£3.50), I start by using the waxy pencil side to shape my arch and underneath my brown before using the softer-looking felt tip side to fill in the front o my brows. To set my brows I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel (£16.50).
For eyeshadow, it’s very simple. I use my Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette (£41.99 from Amazon) – full review can be read here – placing Latinus, a pale peach shade, all over my eye upto the brow bone. On the moving lid I then apply Lazarus, a cool toned mid-grey shade both steps using the Zoeva Soft Definer brush (£9).
I then go back into mu MUR Peach Lights Highlighter and using the Zoeva Petit Crease brush (£9), highlight my inner corner, under the brow bone, and intensify the highlight already placed on my cupids bow and centre of the nose.
Next mascara, I’m not loyal to many mascaras so currently I am using Revlon’s Ultimate All in One (£9.99). I apply 2-3 coats to both top and bottom lashes and if I have enough time will curl my lashes using Boot’s own eyelash curlers (£4.50).
Last step for eyes is applying Rimmel’s White Kohl pencil (£2.99) to the waterline to really make them pop.

LIPS  My everyday lip is extremely simple, I use Primark’s Brown lipliner (£1) all over and apply Lime Crime Cashmere Velourlip (£13.49) over the top – full swatches and review here – perfect mauve greige lip.

SETTING  I always, always, always set my make-up with a setting spray. It helps the powders to look less cakey and bring the skin back to life. Currently I’m using Make Up Revolutions Pro Fix (£5) spraying extremely generously – 6 to 8 times around the face.

& Voila, done.

What look do you go for for an everyday look?
I find mine changes regularly, a few months back it was a very pin-up, eyeliner and red lips, inspired look, if you’d like to see that just let me know.


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