Benefit’s BeneBalm – Swatches & Review

Benefit is probably one of the quirkiest beauty brands in the industry. I love all of the names they give to their products, and although I haven’t tried many products from the brand, everything I have tried, I have enjoyed.

Benebalm is a hydrating rose tinted lipbalm and retails for £14.50. The size shown in the images is only a miniture so please don’t be alarmed the full sized product is 3g. Benefit claim the product to be rose tinted, buildable in colour and softening to the lips. 

Upon applying the product it goes on extremely smoothly and thinly which leaves the lips with a slight tint of the rose balm. When continuing to add more layers the rose tint becomes more apparent on the lips, which I much prefer. Although Benefit describes the product as buildable, no matter how many layers you apply the colour will always remain sheer. With the additional layers the product doesn’t become too thick and it’s not sticky which is a big plus in my eyes. It simply leaves a lovely glossy sheer rose tint to the lips, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

The product definitely hydrates the lips, after the gloss wears off my lips feel soft. The tint doesn’t stain the lips, it wore off to reveal my natural lips. No biggy but it would be nice if the tint did stain with the sheer rose colour, especially for the price. An absolute bonus is that the balm does make the lips look very juicy and healthy! 

 Overall the product is lovely. I wouldn’t personally buy the full price product myself as essentially it is a tinted lip balm not too dissimilar to Maybelline Baby Lips which are a fraction of the price (£2.99). It’s also very rare for me to wear a sheer lip colour, if I ever happen to desire one I would apply my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant – full review here – and a regular lipstick over the top for the same effect. Nevertheless I would very happy if somebody bought me one of these as a gift.

I would love to try the BeneTint though as that seems like a product that would be right up my street. It would also be great to put on before the BeneBalm to get all the benefits a girl could need. Do any of you have it?



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