Oops.. Beauty Bay Haul – Make Up Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills & Sexy Hair – Swatches

 All my spare money goes onto make-up. All of it. Whether it’s make up storage, make up brushes, or simply just make up that is where my money can be seen.  Recently I’ve decided to start to increase my collection through the use of z palettes and pan eyeshadows/blushes to make my own custom palettes. So every month after payday I’m going to buy a couple of different ones to start to build them up. As I know beautybay.com stocks Make Up Geek in the UK I thought this would be a great place to start and I’ve heard nothing but fabulous reviews of the brand, and they have an amazing shade range as well as being affordable! But as I’m sure you all know, there’s no such thing as going onto beauty bay and only putting what you wanted into your shopping basket – so first we’ll start with what I intended to purchase.

Make Up Geek
Eyeshadows – Chickadee & Preppy (£4.59 each – beautybay.com)
To start my z palette I have tried to choose shades which are unlike anything else I have in my collection and eventually I will incorporate ‘typical’ shades into the mix. Chickadee was a no-brainer for me, especially thanks to my bae Jacyln Hill, she adores this shade and after receiving it today, I think I will too! It’s a gorgeous matte orange yellow shade which I think will be perfect for summer all over the lid, and equally as fab as a transition colour. The second shade I got was Preppy, I got this as I am really into khaki tones at the moment and this was described as a matte khaki brown. Initially it does look more brown than khaki which is making me start to wish I’d ordered Dirty Martini instead, but it will still be a beautiful eyeshadow to wear everyday nevertheless.
When swatching both of these shadows I have to say the texture was so smooth, buttery and great pigmentation with just one swipe, I can’t wait to use them!

Blushes – Honeymoon & Secret Admirer (£7.95 each – beautybay.com)
I tend to lean towards darker warm matte toned blushes so I chose to choose two shades which were unlike any I already own. Honeymoon is a light pink with silver flecks running through it. It’s going to look flawless with a tan as it will really give that glowing look and would even look amazing over a warmer shade as a highlight/shimmer over another blush. Secret Admirer is a light orchid purple matte shade. I have never owned a purple toned blush but just by swatching I can see this being perfect for a pop of colour on the cheeks. Much like the eyeshadows both of these blushes were easy to apply and highly pigmented, I have already applied Honeymoon over my blush today as the shimmer is just do darn gorgeous!

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Brow Wiz in Medium Brown (£15.50 – beautybay.com)
Recently I have started to darken my brows, as my roots get longer and longer I can no longer get away with the lighter brow look as they disappear on my face. I used to be a religious user of the Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe but haven’t purchased one in a darker shade as I have preferred to use eyebrow pencils, so as I happened to be on a site which sold ABH I thought this my perfect chance to finally get my hands on a Brow Wiz. Just as others who I have seen use it the nib is perfect and thin, great for creating brow hair strokes, and the product itself it a lot harder than what I’m currently using which will allow me to create a more defined brow. I can’t wait to try it!

Sexy Hair
Big Sexy Hair Colour Safe Volumising Shampoo (£8.95 – beautybay.com)
I am currently growing the bleach out of my hair but whilst it remains I much prefer to use shampoos which contain no nasties and are colour friendly. I am nearly out of my current shampoo and so decided as I was already placing an order why not add a shampoo and conditioner to the equation. This particular product has great reviews and as someone who has fairly thin hair I’m excited to see if it works wonders for me as well.

Vibrant Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Colour Lock Conditioner (£8.95 – beautybay.com – currently out of stock)
Same goes as above for the reasons for purchase, however instead of going for the ‘big’ range conditioner I decided to go for this one as I have silver toned blonde hair, so keeping it vibrant is key. I do use a silver shampoo alongside my usual shampoo which helps to keep the tones correct and I’m hoping this one just bumps up the colour. Also, the smell of this conditioner is amazing thanks to the rose and almond oil! Im excited to finish my current ones so I can start this hair routine!

Free Sample choice
Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Lotion
I choose this as I love a good moisturiser, and although it is a body moisturiser this is going to be the perfect size to put into my handbag as an on-the-go hand cream.The scent isn’t overwhelming as anything inparticular though it definitely a has a fresh clean vibe. The moisturiser is thick in consistency but when rubbed into the skin feels very lightweight and absorbs easily.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

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