NYX Matte Lipstick – Hippie Chic – Swatches & Review

Recently NYX has launched at Boots Online in the UK and the blogosphere and make-up world has gone bonkers for it. Although I haven’t personally purchased anything from the range at Boots yet, I do already own a couple of items from the range from when it used to be sold at Next so I thought what better opportunity than now to show you. 


Hippie Chic is part of the Matte Lipstick collection (£6.50 at Boots) and is a bright orange-coral shade. The packaging of the product is a very simple round matte black tube with a clear section in the middle which shows you the colour of the product. This section would be useful if you have lots of different colours from the range as you will be able to identify them easily. There’s a slight peppermint scent to the lipstick, however when applying it is hardly noticeable.

The formula of these lipsticks is highly pigmented aswell as moisturising on the lips. They apply extremely smoothly with great pigment straight away however you do need a couple of layers of the lipstick to ensure the colour is even all over the lips. The lipstick unlike many which claim to be so is actually matte, which is amazing! The only downside to the product is that it doesn’t have the best staying power, I’d say it would be around 3 hours before you would need to reapply. This may be due to the moisturising properties which give the lipstick a slight slip, this is also the reason why it applies so wonderfully smoothly, so you can’t really complain. When the product does wear off it becomes very patchy, especially in the centre of the lip if your lips weren’t properly prepped before applying. This may be more noticeable however due to this particular bright shade of the lipstick but upon reading reviews on the NYX website (see here), many of the other colours are similar in their wear time. 

 Overall, the NYX Matte Lipsticks come in a great range of different colours, Hippie Chic itself is a colour unlike anything else in my collection and looks absolutely gorgeous with a tan. They are very easily applied to the lips and don’t bleed, so no lipliner is needed. They are also matte – doing just what they say on the tin. Due to these factors I would deifnately recommend them especially for the price, however I wouldn’t suggest wearing one if you are going out for a meal or need a long-lasting lipstick as you’re unable to reapply throughout the day.

Do you have any different shades from the Matte range? How is the lasting power for you, I’d love to know!



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