Draw the line.. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lasting Finish Lip Liners – Review & Swatches

Lip liners are essential to ensure not only a defined lip shape but also a long wearing lip, whether worn alone or paired with a lip product on top. Personally I’ve not yet delved into high end lip liners as I’ve been very satisfied with the results I get from high street brands, my favourite being Rimmel.

The Lasting Finish lip liners are a great product that do exactly what they are called, last. The darker colours stain the lips and I find all shades are comfortable enough to wear alone alongside being a great base for lip products of all kinds. Rimmel themselves say that the liner has been created with lanolin to provide a creamy texture and contain mica particles which help to fill in crevices in the lips alongside containing vitamin E to provide moisture to make sure lips don’t become dry throughout the day. I completely agree with this, the liners do create a great overall base if using underneath other products and they don’t make the lips dry with wear. They are a fabulous liner for just £2.99 (see the whole range here on boots.com)! I have 4 colours from this range, and I have also thrown in my Exagerrate lip liner to do a comparison in the ranges. So let’s begin…

Tiramisu – a pinky brown nude – the perfect ‘your lips but better’ colour. This is my most used liner of the bunch, it’s great to pair with a nude lipstick and also fabulous to use to define the lip shape if wearing nothing on the lips or just a lip balm. I find that this pencil is the creamiest of the 4 I own, which I’ll touch on later. It is pretty to wear as a nude lip alone. I don’t find it to dry out the lips and it wears off in a way which isn’t highly noticeable.

Indian Pink – a warm toned pink – this is gorgeous paired with a bronzed look alone. I also love this liner underneath a nude lipstick to make it pinker. I don’t find the colour to bleed although when it does wear off it can become a little uneven. Nevertheless it is a gorgeous creamy texture, though not as creamy as Tiramisu, which makes defining the lips easier.

Red Dynamite – a slightly orange based red – this colour is great for wearing with any red lipstick be it a true red or an orange based red. The texture isn’t as creamy as the above liners but I find this better as it means you can use the pencil to get a sharp line with no trouble, something you want with a statement lip. Personally I love orange based reds so I do like to wear this alone for a matte lip look. The colour doesn’t bleed although it’s a good idea to carry it around incade it does fade or become patchy which can sometimes happen, especially if you don’t have properly moisturised lips.

Wine – a dark berry wine shade – this is perfect for vampy lip products which have a red base to them. Like Red Dynamite this liner has less creaminess making it easier to get a defined lip. It can become patchy if applied onto a dry lip, so make sure the lips been well exfoliated before use. This shade has great staying power and leaves behind a gorgeous berry shade when it wears off.

Comparison to Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob (£3.99 from Boots)
East End Snob is a gorgeous cool toned nude pink shade. This shade is creamier than the Lasting Finish ones, and all shades in the range are twist up rather than an actual pencil which means that although not losing any product through sharpening you don’t have the ability to create a sharp edge. This is the reason why I haven’t ventured into the darker colours from this range as I prefer to be able to get a defined lip, also if the other shades are as creamy the product may wear off just as easy. East End Snob does wear off after a couple of hours wear which isn’t ideal. I much prefer the regular pencils to this range and wish this colour came in that range as it is perfect to pair with my cooler toned nudes.

What’s your favourite range of lip liners?


14 thoughts on “Draw the line.. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lasting Finish Lip Liners – Review & Swatches

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂
    Lip liners and long wear matte’s are my weakness! When you’re ready to venture out higher end brands I would really recommend NYX (which is actually totally adorable) the huda beauty lip countours, Kylie lip kit liners and MAC. All of these are suuuuuper creamy and apply with so much lipstick. Sometimes I rock just the liner!

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