Holy Grail: Barry M Marshmallow – Wrong but so so Right

Yes, this is the most unwearable lipstick known to man. Yet I’ve repurchased it at 4 times and counting. Why the hell have I done that? Well..

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been jealous of other peoples lips. Not the shape or size but the colour. I’ve always had very pigmented lips and if I wear colours that aren’t the most pigmented they show up completely different on me as they would to when other people would wear them.

This is the main reason I believe why I tend to stay away from sheer lipsticks or lipglosses as to me I have come to learn the ‘go hard or go home’ attitude. What also doesn’t bode well for me is that I prefer much cooler tones on my lips – which goes against my natural lip colour, which is red based.

This was until Barry M Marshmallow came into my life (£4.49, Superdrug). This lipstick has been my lifesaver. If  I wish for a lip product to show it’s true colour, this is exactly what I use. I simply pat it over the lips as a base, very lightly, so it comes off quite matte before applying the lip colour that I wish to wear over the top. Now yes I could do this with concealer, but due to this already being a lipstick the other lip products go so smoothly and evenly over the top of it. Leaving me with the lip colour which I desired.

Another great use for Marshmallow is to pale out lipsticks that are too dark, or it can also be used in the centre of the lips to create an ombre effect. Not so much recently as I’ve been enjoying darker tones, but a few months back I would always put this colour over the top of any bright pinks, such as Barry M Lip Paint in 145 Shocking Pink to give them a cooler tone.

The final way and probably one of my most useful ways to use this product is to use it as a lipstick after you have worn an extremely pigmented bright, dark or red colour. We all know the feeling of putting on bright red lipstick in the morning for work and by the time it gets to the end of the day it’s looking extremely disheveled and cannot be saved – your concealer around your mouth turns pink and any colour you put on top doesn’t sit right. I have the perfect soultion for you.

All you have to do is wipe off any of your excess lipstick from the day, and then put Marshmallow on like you would a normal lipstick, no patting as you do when using as a base. I don’t know how it does it, but it seems to pick up the pigment left on your lips and create a gorgeous nude tone from the colour which was there beore. For example here I was wearing Rimmel 101 all day long, I scrubbed it off with some tissue as to not disturb the rest of my make up before applying Marshmallow and being left with a nude baby pink colour which is less dishevled and more going out appropriate.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is don’t judge a lipstick by it’s colour. Yes it’s not wearable alone, as demonstrated, but my goodness it has so many uses that it will constantly be a prized possession in my lipstick collection.

Do you have any products which you hold dear for unconventional reasons?


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