Charmed & Pinched: Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush – Swatches & Review

I’m a dry skin gal, so anything cream based is right up my alley. When Revlon released these PhotoReady blushes just over a year ago I was so excited! There was a great range of colours and they are very reasonably priced, £7.99, for a generous amount of product.

The two colours which I got my hands on were Pinched, which is a gorgeous neutral peach tone and Charmed, a pink-plum shade. I got these shades as they covered all bases if I chose to use them under a powder blush product, which I very regularly do. Pinched being a neutral is great for just a hint of colour on the cheeks, as well as being the perfect base for any lighter or more coral blushes laid over the top. Charmed is perfect for any more dramatic blush looks, the plum and red toned blushes which I have in my collection are perfect over the top of this. (£7.99 each, Boots)

The consistency of these is fab. They aren’t too creamy but don’t have a powder finish either, they set down within a minute or two so are great in terms of wear. If set with a powder I can get a full days make-up out of these. If worn alone you’d get a good 4-5 hours wear. As you know, blush always tends to disappear from the face first, so this is no big deal or surprise.

The pigmentation, as seen in the swatches, is very impressive. They give great colour with just one application and can be built up if you desire a stronger colour pay off. They also blend like a dream, I tend to apply a couple of dots to each cheek before blending out with either my fingers or the end of a beauty blender, both giving an equally stunning finish.

I personally love to wear these in the summer time, they give the cheeks a gorgeous glow when worn with a full face of cream or liquid products and I can’t wait to start using them in that way again soon. That sun is finally starting to make an appearance again, yay!

If there was anything I could change about them, I would actually love for them to have a more bronzey shade in the range and I would also love some with a little bit of shimmer to them to really pump up the glow. Do you know any affordable cream blushes which have that kind of finish? I’m thinking Nars Multiple but on a budget.



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