Tanya Burr Cosmetics: Lipgloss in Chic

When YouTubers or reality stars create their own line of make up I’m always skeptical. I tend to stick to well renowned brands which have always been based on beauty. But when Tanya Burr launched her lipglosses a couple of years ago I couldn’t resist giving one a try and her tutorials made them seem flawless so were they?

As mentioned in previous posts I am not the biggest fan of lipgloss, I don’t really like the stick feeling on my lips and I generally just find them too high maintenance. So when Tanya began to talk about her line and use them in videos I was actually intrigued by them, something which I never really have been in terms of lipgloss before. As soon as other YouTubers alike starting to praise Tanya for her products I was out the door and in Superdug buying one.

Not many colours were left, as you can imagine having such a huge following on YouTube and social media, so I choose Chic – a pink brown nude. I thought considering I’m not a huge lipgloss fan this would be a good colour which I could just throw on day to day without having to worry about the product bleeding or being too perfect.

First off, the scent. This lipgloss smells like starburst sweets. It’s very fruity. The doe foot applicator is thin and a good shape which allows you, if you so wish, to shape your lips with it. Since I purchased this lipgloss she has changed the packaging, the new packaging looks much less ‘cheap’ but still remains cute with little details such as a heart on the lid.

The lipgloss itself actually quite surprised me, it’s very creamy and moisturising for the lips. The nude which doesn’t have even the slightest hint of shimmer, isn’t sheer, but actually quite pigmented and can be built up without becoming too uncomfortable on the lips.It can be quite sticky if you do this, but hey it’s a lipgloss what do you expect? The colour is also fab, it’s perfect as I imagined to be thrown on from day to day. It looks super with a tan. It also wears off in a similar way to a lipbalm, seeming to absorb into the lips leaving a slight residue but nothing unappealing.

Now the bad news is that this particular colour isn’t available anymore, I recently went into Superdrug and the closest shade to it from the new range is probably Lunch Date (£5.99, Superdrug), and there are some fab other shades as well so you should definitely check them out.

Although I haven’t personally felt the need to purchase any other colours from the range, the formula and wear of these lipglosses is definitely one of the better ones which I have tried. So if lipglosses are your thing I’d definately recommend going out and getting yourself a tube!


Enquiries: beccapbeauty@hotmail.com

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