Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains – Review & Swatches

Revlon are the boss when it comes to lip products. Whenever they bring a new product out I’m usually the first one there and when these balm stains came out a few years back this was definitely the case.

I own so many different lip products, but I always find myself coming to these when I’m undecided as what I want to put on. They are comfortable on the lips, have an amazing peppermint scent, can be worn sheer or built up to an intense colour and last throughout the day. As I have 4 colours it also means that I have a great choice depending what mood I am in.

Not only do they leave a glossy sheen on the lips when first applied but when they do wear down they leave a gorgeous stain on your lips which will last until you come to take your make up off. When the stain is left it is non-transferable, but when the product is glossy it will definitely transfer so be warned.

The ‘Kissable’ name definitely rings true, they literally make your lips look so juicy. But, on a side note, if you have dry lips I do find they can cling to them patches, so make sure your lips are moisturised. Although they are a moisturising balm this just ensures that your lips do not dry throughout the days wear, I wouldn’t actually suggest using it on dry lips as a balm. Personally I absolutely love them, they are potentially my favourite Revlon lip product and would recommend you get your hands on some. They come in 6 colours and are £7.99 from Boots.

Darling – my favourite shade and I think it’s been discontinued 😦 (so sorry, you can get it off amazon though, I might need to stock up myself £3.40, Amazon). It’s a gorgeous blue based lilac which is subtle if worn sheer, or is perfect built up for a pop of colour.

Rendevouz – A bright warm orange shade, think the orange of a fire. I find this is slightly less moisturising than the other colours but still lovely on the lips.

Lovesick – A bright fucshia blue-toned pink. This colour definitely leaves the best stain once it wears off. It’s got much higher colour pay off than the first two colours mentioned

Romantic – A warm red. This looks amazing worn sheer to add juiciness to the lips. Alternatively, you can build it up for a dramatic red lip.

Do you like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains? Should I add any of the other colours to my collection?


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